Monday, January 14, 2008

TCFIL Show at the Hayward Gallery in London

To coincide with Laughing in a Foreign Language, artist and comedian Marc Horowitz presents his extraordinary Centre for Improved Living, an open workshop featuring sculptures, videos, performance, life-coaching and conversation with the artist. Addressing a diverse range of subjects from architectural environments, advertising and commerce to happiness and power, Horowitz’s project thrives on a makeshift, DIY aesthetic. Using props, objects and ideas, Horowitz encourages and facilitates exchanges of laughter, provocation, problem-solving and improved ways of living.

– written by the good people at the Hayward


The show opens on March 18th and goes until April 13th. I am planning on doing a talk show in the gallery - have three talk shows a week each lasting an hour with 2 -3 guests. Each show would have a topic, taken from from this site. I would loosely address this topic with each of the guests as we do an activity related to the topic. I also plan to have several workshops.

I am looking for some people in the London area, or who will be there during the show, to make this a live webcast, help with set and prop building, guests and people to line up guests (production staff), writers, PAs, and equipment (video mixer and a couple cheap cameras).

If you or someone you know would be interested in this project please e-mail me at ineedtostopsoon at gmail dot com.