Monday, June 18, 2012


It looks as if TCFIL is moving over to facebook. The new address is . Please join us over there! Thanks and looking forward to your participation.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

TCFIL DQ Reboot 2012

Hi there all you amazing folks! I'm thinking about reinvigorating TCFIL daily questions blog. Should we continue here or should I set-up a Facebook page and ask away over there?

Facebook Pros
- Easier access to the comments section
- Ease in posting video and photos in comments
- Easier to share with friends
- More people may get involved, making it more fun to read everyones answers
- TCFIL DQ gets a reboot and appears on a more contemporary social media site

Facebook Cons
- I would take the best-of questions and repost them on Facebook, so you would see them again (it's been so long though, you may not remember the question or have a new answer)
- It's Facebook and maybe not everyone here is into it

Blogspot Pros
- We just continue on here

Blogspot Cons
- Just got an email this morning stating the comments, Echo, will be disabled soon. Those are not easily transferred, so I'd have to kill all the comments and revert to blogspot's comment system. We'd lose all previous comments.
- Blogspot seems a little dated.

For me, Facebook seems like the answer, but I'm open. Maybe there is something else entirely that I'm not seeing.

Looking forward to your responses and getting this going again.

Much Love,