Sunday, May 20, 2007

author note

I was recently asked, "how does answering a question [on this site] improve my life?"

One participant put it nicely, "it is actually some cool thought provoking questions that are meant to stimulate and improve our mental processes and I can hardly wait to track back and read some more of these questions."

The questions may or may not improve your life, they may improve another's in some way different from you, someone may get a date out of it? Who knows? I'm just trying to ask questions to make people think about themselves and what's around them - it creates a forum for that sort of information. Then we the readers get to see the world through so many different little peepholes.

The site probably isn't going to improve your life in conventional ways like make you shed 20 lbs or cure diseases or give you as much energy as a cup of coffee, but it does aim high!

So... how does this site improve your life?